Below are a few great tips if you have planned or are planning a trip to South Africa:

  • Fuel will cost you about $ 1.25 per litre and renting a car is one of the best options as it is flexible, affordable and convenient.
  • South Africa is often described as having a high crime rate and it is true, however it is like most other countries, there are areas that have high crime rates and there are areas that have low crime rates, common sense should enable any traveller to South Africa to avoid getting into trouble.

• If you want a real taste of the culture, avoid the big cities when you first travel here, when you get off at Oliver Tambo International head out towards the province of Mpumalanga using the N4 highway, this is a relatively safe area, accommodation is cheaper and the people lead a more rural type lifestyle, so they tend to be friendlier and more helpful.

• The Suwala caves can sometimes be missed by travellers going down to Kruger Park. Try not to miss these. Kruger Park is a must also.

• To stay well within your budget, it is prudent to do most of your shopping in bigger towns, so if perhaps you were heading down to Kruger, stop over in Nelspruit or Malelane and do your shopping there, you will pay a little more inside Kruger so avoid that if you can.

• It is a basic rule, make sure you buy anything you need before you arrive in the tourist areas, things will be slightly more expensive there.

• South Africa is not a small country and there is a lot to see, the most expensive cost of your holiday will be airfare so to make it worthwhile try to have at least two weeks at your disposal.